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city underwater. some airports continue to be closed, but limiting travel in the new york metropolitan area will resume tomorrow morning. also the new york stock exchange is expected to reopen tomorrow. >>> an update on the rainfall totals so far. joermg town and delaware -- georgetown and delaware, over 10 inches. other locations like oceana and virginia, washington dc just under 6. rainfall totals have been excessive as sandy has made landfall. steady rain is continuing at this hour. but the coverage is decreasing as sand sestarting to weaken some. still heavy rains moving through new york, north into canada, and still seeing snow through west virginia. blizzard warnings still in tact through west virginia. the blue is snow, the purple is a rain/snow mix. the watches and warnings at this time, blizzard warning, that's the purple. winter storm warnings remain in effect. it's possible we could see up to a foot of snow additionally through west virginia through the overnight hours. and also seeing the gusty winds.the nexte expected to improve. >>> a live look from new york city where th
the series by striking out the last three batters. >> unreal. unreal. the city definitely derves this, the team -- deserves this, the team. what a ride. what a way to reward everybody. >> reporter: this is the weekend world series trophy for the giants in three years. and manager bruce bochy says this is extra sweet. >> with our backs against the wall, makes this more special. it is amazing, historic and eventually they will sit back this winter and realize what they accomplished. >> reporter: if you didn't come down to the park, you will get another opportunity during the world series parade on wednesday. at at&t park, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> dan is right, a victory celeration is on the way, san francisco will honor the giants by hosting a parade on wednesday. the mayor spoke today and as kron 4's terisa estacio reports, crews are getting everything ready for the big event. >> reporter: look at what is going on down here. dozens of crews started monday morning setting up for the parade on wednesday. there is a lot of to do. this is a video screen and it will be hung. the screen w
's family says he should not have been killed. family and supporters of marched to city hall demanding that oakland police release a report about the shooting. >> reporter: you -- the city council kept its promise and closed its doors after the room was full. this crowd of protestors were not keeping their mouths shut. they spent the afternoon rallying in front of the district attorney's office before the assistant da came outside and exchanged words. >> why can't we get a report? why can't we -- >> it's not completed at this time, and like in any investigation, we take the time that's necessary to make sure the job is done right. when the time comes, it will be released. >> reporter: the sea of people marched through the streets to the city council meeting asking for answers. they want charges brought against the officer for shooting and killing allen bl bluford. they did get the police report. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was killed days after graduating high school. his parents say as an inner city kid, he was well on his way, and his life was cut short. they want a full investigati
that is not being addressed by the city, not being addressed by the city administrator, not by the city council, not being addressed by the mayor. and not being address the most of all by the police department. >> reporter: what does the city of oakland have to say? are they implementing the reforms? that he contacted the police department, and they referred us to the city administrator's office, but they didn't return our calls. we cabbed the mayor's office -- contacted the mayor's office, they deferred us again. they refused to answer the question, saying they haven't seen the court documents expected to be filed determine, but they plan on opposing any takeover of the police department. >>> temperatures have certainly cooled off out there this evening! we're back in the 50s! 57 in novato, 62 in san jose. cooler whether is here to stay! tomorrow, temperatures dropping even more than today. in the 60s and 70s for the most part. friday and saturday, we'll cool even more as the fog becomes more extensive and temperatures drop into the low 70s in our inland valleys by saturday. high it was tomorr
at civic center plaza on a jumbo drawn towar the drawn. and many cities and landmarks will be lit up in orange and black. the game tomorrow is 5:07 it will be alcohol-free. j.r. stoned. continues our team coverage in detroit. >> what do you know, but three-zero we could see a sweep. at comerica park. i spoke with some giants players after gained three and they are modest. they know how difficult it was to get here. >> we have to try to catch lightning in a bottle. i got that " from brooklyn. and we were just on it at the right time. we got it done one way or the other. >> it seems that we were close. we are not known for blowing up teams we are known for pitching and defense. everything about the way our season went it is very fitting the way that we have had victory is the way we have one. we are up 3-0. the with the we have- had victory. >> we are just playing a working toward we came here to play a working. and i think 3-0 was the outfield big enough for you? >> yes. >> it was great. >> if i was running in both directions. >> some of the giants players asked can you taste the cham
'm a believer! i know the city of san francisco is a believer. >>> gary will have more on sports later on. what do you think? do the giants have a chance to come back? go to our facebook fan page and join in the discussion. >>> a possible sign of an improving economy. several south bay cities now have some of the highest rental prices in the entire nation. some landlords increased their property leases by as much as 40%. kron4's reggie kumar is here to explain how. >> there is no rent control ordinance on properties built after 1978. if the apartment or town home was constructed before 1978, more than 34 years ago, then landlords can only raise the rent 7% a year. now, take a look at this. some newly-built apartments and town homes in san jose are going from $2,500 to $3,000 a month. rents continue to increase 7% year after year. the spike has to do with the housing supply unable to meet the needs of an increasing population. according to, most south bay cities are seeing the same trend n. sunnyvale, the average -- in sunnyvale, the average rental is $1,900 a month. and mountain v
wanted mirkarimi removed from office. you're looking at a live look from outside san francisco city hall where the meeting just wrapped up. 7 supervisors voted to sustain the charges of official misconduct. 4 voted to reinstate. he pleaded guilty in march to fall imprisonment charges related to an argument he had on new year's eve he had with his wife. he is currently on probation and in domestic violence counseling. it's unclear when he will get back to work. >>> gasoline prices at another record high today. take a look at the gas prices from aaa. san francisco at $4.74, oakland $4.68. san jose, $4.67. price relief could come any day. officials are making the less extensive winter blend fuel. but don't expect the prices to drop by a significant amount. >> we probably will maintain over the $4 mark. but we will probably be paying a lot less for gas per gallen of unleaded regular in the next 3-4 days. >> experts believe the price of gas will start to drop by the weekend because it takes a few days for the winter blend to hit the market. >> we are seeing showers at this hour courtesy of th
in red wood city. we are going to continue with the cooler temperatures as the fog spreads back into the forecast. dense fog near the coastline, into tomorrow, tell be slower to clear. so we'll continue to see color temperatureless tomorrow and all the way -- temperatures tomorrow and all through the weekend. >>> five deadly shootings earlier this week in oakland. the victims targeted, police say the murders are not connected, instead they are part of a citywide crime problem. the chief today announced a new crime-fighting program called operation cease-fire. a pastor of one of the largest churches in oakland says the program does not go far enough to reduce the rising tide of violence. >> you have the fourth most dangerous city in america >> i think what we need to do is declare oakland a state of mother-in-law. >> we just described to -- a state of emergency. >> we've just described what's taken place here. >> five murders in 8 hours. >> they should say these shootings are out of control, this is not afghanistan, this not iraq >> 94 murders within the last 10 months or so >>
for the warmest inland locations. coming up what we can expect for the city and will see 90's for the extended forecast. all of those details, coming up. >> the rate fell on dog food if the brand that could be contaminated-dog food salmonella >>this just in to the kron 4 news room now, this same manufacturing company from mexico has also found salmonella from the processing plant. sunland. with 35 illnesses over 19 states sold at trader joe's. and also a voluntary recall found and natures recipe with a limited supply of the natures recipe this was made in topeka, kansas. this is precautionary with no pat or human illnesses have been reported. >> eagles quarterback. no family pet dog illnesses have been reported. >> michael b--vick. is trying to develop a healthy relationship with animals by getting a family dog. >> the latest on a police investigation after a bullet hits the a campaign office. and the space shuttle endeavor will have to wait a and the space shuttle endeavor will have to wait a bit. the latest on measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but the
on oakland city streets as antiwar protestors wreak havoc. >>> this is kron 4 news at 11:00. >>> vandals struck in oakland tonight. a large group of people vandalized city hall around 7:00, shortly after an antiwar protest. they believe an anarchists joined a crowd protesting. they broke about ten windows at city hall. >> they wore masks and strike out smash windows of businesses and move quickly. the march took 30 minutes. >> we were sitting in the restaurant having a nice dinner and they came by and picked up three tables, three chairs, a table, and threw it at the plate glass windows. >> necessity don't know why the vandals attacked the businesses. they are assessing the damage done. no arrests were made, no one injured. >>> within days california drivers have seen gas prices rise by as much as $0.50. last week it was $4:26. the average is $4-point much -- 4.67. they took steps to try to bring the prices down. >> i want to cry. every two weeks i spend $120 a gas. >> reporter: if looking at these numbers hurts your health and wallet, help is on the way. >> everything helps. it makes a
. i am grant lodes, kron 4 news. >>> with the rise in homicide the city now trying a different approach to reduce the number of violent crimes. called operation cease fire. the point is to stop the amount of gun violence by using citizens to help police convince violent offenders there is another way. >> you bring them in and you let the community speak to them. it is so important the community speaks directly to the individuals and let them know what the impact is in their lives and then we be honest with them and tell them based on the information we have if they don't put down the guns and continue to be involved it will be focused enforcement on them. >> operation cease fire comes to the city with a proven tract record. it made a difference across the nation, boston, cincinnati and sacramento. only time will tell if it will have an effect on oakland. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is taking stability for security -- responsibility for security that u.s. consulate where an attack last month killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. stevens was a
night in the pouring rain! they will take on the tigers. and it seems like everybody in the city is rallying behind the orange and black. tonight, the giants are holding a world series gala at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. >> reporter: about 2,000 people attended tonight's gala. you can see the hotel has an orange glow to it tonight to celebrate the team advancing to the world series. go ahead and take a look at this video. some in attendance wore giants colors, there was food and drinks as well as entertainment. there were even detroit tigers fans there. san francisco giants president larry baer was at the party. >> to have the world series in san francisco, it's just incredibly exciting. you feel like you have the world to your doorstep. and you kind of forget it's a baseball game! we have all the pomp and circumstance. then you got to guy playthe game. so we've been -- you got to play the game. so we've been good at playing the games. sometimes under a little duress, if we don't win it's goodbye, so that's tough. but this team has shown a lot of character. they play tog
city to start a tech company. alicia spoke with leaders about what they are doing to bring more to the area. >> reporter: phosphor isxhcx] wt converts this into white light for general purposes. here they're all about innovative ways to make lightning better. >> all of the new lightning requires ourg76 order to produce the white light. so we're enabling that entire industry. >> reporter: they are one of the many companies in fremont that has helped the city earn its latest accolade. they are the country's top city for tech startup businesses. christina attracting emerging bioand clean-tech companies. >> we have upwards of 30, 35 clean-tech companies in fremont. >> reporter: some policies that get them to come and stay here, tax cuts. clean-tech businesses are tax exempt for five years. so are new biotech start-ups. and bio companies that have been around, they get a two-year tax break. >> this location is ideal as we're growing rapidly, and we want to recruit people as well as retain the talent we have. we're riding a very exciting wave of a major transition that's already happe
with a sense of unity, a sense of city pride, and the fact that they can all rely on each other. if divided, they will fall. >> reporter: romero was shot to death on september 2nd in front of his home. he was later found not to be armed. his mother attended the town heal hoping to prevent -- hall hoping to prevent other families from feeling her pain. >> there is a little of police brutality going on, and to come up with some solutions to save the kids, it's all about saving the children, the ones that are alive now. >> reporter: organizers are encouraging the people who showed up to turn out for a rally and march to the oakland jail later this month on a national day to protest police brutality. >>> later in this broadcast, the giants down 0-2, the a's down 0-2, who won? [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announc
think it brings everyone together. look how beautiful the city is with everyone together! and everyone is being friendly! >> ever since cabrera got put down, everybody thought we were in trouble. and they rebounded, and you got to give kudos to pence and scutaro. >> we're not coming back here. we're done. we're going to detroit, we're going to finish the job there. we're a great road team. >> reporter: the giants travel to detroit tomorrow where they will play game 3 and 4 in the series. >> all right! well, the fans are having a great time with this world series. we want to show you some of the hundreds of pictures fans are sending in to us to show their support for the orange and black. you see all these people dressing in giants colors. look at these children! panda hats are the favorite! and it seems all age groups and even a little pup there with a panda ha to post your pictures on our fan page. we'd love to hear from you and show some of your pictures. stay with us for our continuing coverage of the san francisco giants and the world series. much more ahead later in this newscast
in our inland valleys. 60s in redwood city and take a look at the north bay. that cloud coverage was so persistent. as for take a look this satellite and refer there is one storm in here is a another. just the tail end of this system. that will stayed with us for the overnight hours. and more sunshine. fewer clothes on sunday. for will take a look and how warm it is going to get, coming up. the will all now know that the giants are going to face the st. louis cardinals scored nine-seven = final score tonight against washington national's. pish the giants will be on a plan from cincinnati tonight and should arrive in san francisco within the next couple of hours. >> at 11:00 p.m. the are responding to a disabled passengers tship called " neptune " with water with 18 passengers were rescued and taken to pull. 39. however, lance armstrong feared they could speech-doping was everywhere. -- also, a lesa close call near an asteroid. >> coming up we know where the giants are headed for the national league championship series. the 49ers have a little bit of a peace and the giants ♪ ♪ ♪ [
. rainfall totals varied around the bay area. redwood city almost an inch and a quarter of rain. santa rosa nearly the same amount. concord 3/4 of an inch. oakland half inch and less in san jose and livermore. a live look outside, right now on storm tracker 4, seeing rainfall in places like san rafael and other portions of the north bay, inland valley, south bay again. moderate rainfall continuing as we look at future cast. pinpointing cells into the 2:00 hour. spotty like we are seeing right now. 7:00, nothing much, areas of rain over harward. 10:00, spotty showers as well. i think we will see more activity than what future cast is seeing. we are under a general thunderstorm outlook for tomorrow into the afternoon. things could be picking up in fairfield, delta, north bay, it is mostly for the north bay and we could see brief periods of heavy rain. wednesday morning we will see a more steady pattern pushing in. we have more widespread rain, wednesday at midnight. 4:00, rain over the north bay. 9:00, pushing south of the golden gate bridge. by noon lightening up. later afternoon hours, the
these events. >> they also had extra officers spread throughout the city to prepare for any celebrations. traffic was a nightmare! the game started right in the middle. the afternoon/early evening commute. enforcement officers ands me were out in force. many pedestrians certainly slowed things down. there were a few frayed nerves. but for the most part, drivers exercised patience and were able to get where they were going. and of course all of those fans need some gear! the ball park was packed today with fans stocking up on orange and black apparel. and these items are not cheap with a lot of the gear going for well over $100. and if you're buying more than one item, that can add up! >> my daughter gave me the list. rally towels, giants bracelets, blanco jersey, crawford posters, that's for mom. >> the hot sellers were any items which said "world series." stay with us for our continuing confirming of the san francisco giants and game 1, and tomorrow, much more ahead in this newscast including highlights and reaction from the team. and we want you to share your photograph,ed videos, and
. >>> we are live at at&t park. >> reporter: it's wet but no rain on the giant's parade. the city of san francisco will host game seven of the national league championship series. the giants have won two in a row against the st. louis cardinals. going back to the divisional series, the giants have won five playoff limit nation games -- elimination games in a row and none bigger than tonight. >> these fans are happy. >> whenever there was a big play, everybody was waving it. >> you are still holding your rally towel? >> yes. >> with a win between them, the fans came out from everywhere. >> the locker room was upbeat. >> being able to watch him dominate the way he is now and be in the zone the way he is, that's him. >> how big was it to get on the board early? >> big. every time we scored a couple of runs, it just helped us move forward. >> last year we won three in a row. i plan for the fans and team. >> you looked like you were having fun. >> always, for matter what. i play the game and enjoy it. >> you guys have been able to focus on winning one game. talk about that mindset. >>
, same thing in oakland. red wood city, 88. upper 80s through the navals. the warm weather is -- through the inland valleys. a red flag warning remains in the east bay and north hills. this will remain in effect until 8:00 tomorrow morning. in the hills it's going to stay dry overnight, breezy conditions, but we will see cooler weather into the weekend. >>> it was 23 years ago today that a massive earthquake shook the bay area setting in motion changes which now aim to protect us from the next big one. and more human cases of the west nile virus discovered. >> later in this broadcast, a rainy night in st. louis! we chronicle the giants and cardinals game 3. and also did you know the big game is saturday, cal/stanford! >>> police in pacifica have arrested a suspect for killing a man on his front yard. they have not released the name, but they say the 25-year-old was killed during a fight that happened just after 5:00 this morning. the suspect, a 24-year-old man whose name has not been released as well, has been booked into the san mateo county sheriff's office. this marks the city's first
look from city hall. we a lot of fog out there and we are going see widespread fog through the night. you are going to see dense fog going out another door tomorrow. the great highway, have you head lights and wipers on. but, another nice day expected. monday it is looking good. mostly sunny into the afternoon and a little warmer compare to what we saw yesterday. the warming trend is going continue through the week. >>> it is game one of the nlcs and fans are inside having a blast. but just how much are they willing to shell out for the tickets? [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
they are in detroit. the orange and black in the motor city. half >> good evening everybody a busy day for the giants. it went down of this with but left early from san francisco. they are headed for detroit. buster posy all feeling good vogelson is the starting the san francisco giants once again are the underdog for game 3 tomorrow. for what that is worth. and the fellows. prior to the work out. >> i would much prefer the lead in the other way again and that is just a number. >> we are definitely not taking this for granted. we want to come out here and play the type of baseball the we have been planning for the past six days and try to get victories as soon as possible that we have been--plan flying playing. >> we just need to keep our momentum. >> the giants are up 2-0. >> and let us take a look at the work out at comerica. and the official forecast in a moment but it is not going to be california. there are expecting temperatures in the 30's and the tigers have to win. no question. however, that is the story. as we get ready for game no. 3 tomorrow in detroit. sandoval is hitting 714. for the wo
bay and close to the coast line. 90 degrees in san francisco today. 82 in half moon bay. 81 daily city. 90s through the peninsula and bay shore locations, same in the south bay and same for tomorrow. we will have more coming up. >>> an amtrak train carrying 169 passengers from oakland to bakersfield derailed when a big rig collided with the train. two cars were pushed in the crash, causing the train to run off the tracks. it traveled 600 feet before coming to a stop. authorities say 20 passengers suffered miner to moderate injuries such as scrapes and bruises and possibly broken bones. the truck driver only suffered minor injuries. >>> coming up later in the broadcast, the a's pour champagne tonight and the giants and the dodgers. later in this broadcast. >>> new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a man was injured in a shooting tonight in san francisco. police responded to reports of shot fired in the block of broad street. the officer said when officers responded to the area they found evidence there had been an injury shooting and they locked down the area. later a man arrived at the hospital su
into the afternoon. 60s and 70s throughout the bay area today. 74 in napa. 72 in concord and 75 in redwood city. tomorrow we will see fog long the coast line, reforming at this hour. mix of clouds as the storm starts to move along the coast line to the south. that will bring us a 20% chance of scattered showers. we will time that out coming up. >>> new tonight, san francisco supervisors will meet tomorrow night, they are expected to consider whether to remove suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty in march to false imprisonment charges related to a argument in which he grabbed his wife's arm. he is on probation and in domestic violence counseling. a commission found that he did commit misconduct. >>> coming up later in the broadcast, the yankees trying to keep rolling in the playoffs, same story for st. louis and washington. highlights ahead. the giants today they better get a good night's sleep, it is win or the season is over tomorrow. football here, football there, all later in the broadcast. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
in nap asame thing in -- napa, same thing in santa rosa. same thing in red wood city. it was a tad cooler closer to the coast line. but that is going to change in the overnight hours and tomorrow afternoon. the winds have started to reverse, coming from the inland valleys. that keeps skies clear and temperatures warmer. tomorrow, widespread 80s. >>> the america's cup racing yacht capsized today during the team's training session. this is video showing the team trying to pull the yacht to land out of the san francisco bay. there was such a strong wind that as the team turned the boat, the front of the yacht's nose dived and tipped over. all crew members are safe. each team competing in the america's cup is only allowed to build two yachts. the steam says they will assess the -- the team says they will assess the damage and adjust the program as necessary. they expect to be ready. >>> , coming up, one local cyclist may have crossed the finish line for the last time. and health officials rampum the investigation into the -- ramp up the investigation into the virus innio-- in yosemite. >>> fr
in front of city hall. we had one of these kids on last night. they love the venue in san francisco and a lot of fun. it will be held tomorrow. downtown san francisco. these kids really have some talent and they are loving it. >> the giants are still alive. >> forbes magazine has compiled the crime statistics for the most dangerous major cities. and after detroit and st. louis. memphis tennessee and birmingham, alabama where the top five. those statistics are from the crime reports from 2011. the we have a storm system in >> goodnight code giants! go giants the writers put it on my door. - i don't know what that's referring to. - it's referring to this one time that i got a chemical peel before work, and i was wearing a red and green sweater and a fedora. but these douche-bs have been doing this for weeks. - "lez lemon." - first thought. - "winona ryder in a hundred years." - weak. - "fart barfunkel." - indian food. - "paul simon." - i don't get that, but it hurts. look, i love a good joke, but i am their boss, and, at a certain point, it crosses a line.
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